BUY SEASON 9 Battle Pass – It’s the best one!

Loving this game. Fortnite Season 9 is an Battle Royale with a focus on turn-based tactical combat, exploration, and story. The game kind of feels like x-com with character progression. The game has lots of depth. Great gameplay and graphics make it the best CRPG available (2019), so do yourself a favour and pick it up.

The developers actually took a lot of the criticism from the first DoS, and overall, improved and refine the gameplay in a lot of ways:

+Companions feel a lot more interesting and fleshed out. Each has their own story arch, and there are more choices or ways to solve a scenario.
+Combat feels more dynamic and less repetitive. They’ve refined how combat works and made it more accessible.
+Character builds are more flexible, and there’s more synergy between skills. New abilities like summoning and polymorph are a lot of fun.
+Huge improvement over inventory management and crafting.
+-Not as many obtuse puzzles

Now when it comes to purchasing just get it for free here: how to get a free battle pass

Whereas I was hesitant to recommend the first Fortnite to everyone, I can full-heartedly recommend this game to just about anyone with an interest.

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