My Fortnite Cross play guide

The game allows you to pick from 14 different weapons as well, each accomodating to a different playstyle with unique combos and upgrade trees. I hear the game’s combat often compared to Dark Souls, but I feel like it’s a little Dark Souls mixed with a fighting game. Using the right combos at the right time is key. Add the player’s wide arsenal with the diversity of the many monsters in the game, and you have a very challenging and engaging combat system that’s up to the task of keeping you interested well past the 100 hour mark. Here is my youtube guide how to cross play between consoles: Fortnite Crossplay WORKING PS4 ➡ Xbox! How to Cross Platform Play Fortnite Tutorial!

It’s also important to note that while this game is great solo, it truly shines when you’re playing co-op with a team. Difficulty scales with how many players are in your party, so coordinating with your friends to take down a monster as effeciently as possible adds even more depth to this already endless pit of a game. However, this game does some very strange things with multiplayer. If you and your friends are on the same quest in the story, the game simply won’t let you depart on that quest together, telling you that you’re not far enough in the story to join them. Good luck even getting into a session with your friends, though, considering how trash the servers are right now.

Overall, I’d recommend this game. As I said, if you’re on the fence, just wait until all the server and performance issues are sorted out. This is a game that really shines when you’re teaming up with your friends, but as of right now that’s not very reliable.

After a good amount of time in the game i can def recommend it. It needs some tweaking to run good. Volume Rendering Off and downgrading my nvidia driver to 398.36 gave me stable 60fps with drops to 50fps in extreme scenes. (1060 6gb and i5 6600). There are still some problems with the multiplayer hub, but that primarly affects people that want to play with friends and similar. The normal multiplayer works fine via sos flare. If you want a perfect game that runs 100% well with all the optimization stuff fixed (i am pretty sure there will be a patch in the next 2 weeks) and a fix for the multiplayer issues (that are primarly valves fault btw), consider to wait until next month for you to buy it, but besides that the game is amazing and fun, has a lot of charme. As a Fortnite veteran it feels different but yet keeps the essence of the battle royale games. Come one, give it a shot!

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