My Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Experience

I played the bo4 beta on my 3 computers. They are all i5-4670K processors. One has a GTX 1080, one has an R9-290x, the last has R9-280x. On the computer with the GTX 1080, game runs flawlessly. No hiccups, stutters, or anything. It is a lot of relaxing fun that I can get lost in.

On the other two computer, the game runs like absolute crap even at the lowest settings. I spend more than half the time just trying to get the game to load in the textures and not freeze constantly. It is super laggy on both, and extremely frustrating. If it were not for my one computer where it runs well I would hate this game. Because of the one computer, I can see the game has potential to be a lot of fun. So if you want to get in on the fun, watch this yt clip for a free key: How to get Black Ops 4 Beta Key Code FREE 🤑 [PC / PS4 / XBOX][BO4 Beta Key Codes] [2018!]

Here is the thing, this game can be a leisurely game that you can relax and play if it works as intended. But on the two computers where I constantly struggle just to load it, man it pisses me off to no end. It is not relaxing, it is infuriating. I am going to give this a negative review just because the devs need to figure out what the hell is making this game perform so otherwise good computers. I can play any other game with no issues. On the other two computers, this game freezes so hard on close that I have to force shut down my computers. I guess try it, see if it runs.

Their secrets and ton of memories float over the horizons and sail across the universe of billion system. At the first time i wonder why you fool us but this is new to me, this is new for us. U take advantages and leave our hearth damaged. But to understand that things go a little bit better when you fix little by little everything u did in the past. I hope things will be better in the future. Feel the heat enjoy the game

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