Dead by Daylight Playstation Review

Kind of glitchy at first and I was slightly confused on a few things, but it all cleared up. Literally so much fun and it brings me to the edge of my seat when I play it. The people are really friendly, always risking themselves to help you off the hooks, always healing you, working together to escape the ruthless killer. I LOVE it.
Game is trash until solo que is enforced properly. A decent team can troll a pro killer all game.  Luckily, i didnt pay for the game and just got a free ps plus membership


-Place a limitation on how many games players can que with the same players within a given time limit. All they do is join solo que with friends when they should be doing this in friends mode.
-Limit the ping threshold. Don’t even que players in the same game if they will greatly deteriorate each others gameplay. Doesn’t matter if there aren’t enough players; make us wait.

For these very reason, all the great gameplay is ruined. I cannot recommend anyone to waste their time with this game until these issues are addressed.

Let me start off by saying, I love dead by daylight. It’s one of the only online games I’ve ever considered myself somewhat good at and enjoyed playing. Now then,
I  HATE DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. The community is so toxic on both sides of the spectrum it makes it unbearable to play at certain points.
Survivors will loop/stun/and flashlight a killer all game long while their friends do objectives in order to completely slaughter any chance a newbie killer would have in order to learn that side of the game. After the match, all of them will continue to call the killer and “EZ” all day long.
However, I don’t play killers often, so let me get down to the real root of my frustration: The Killers.
The killers are some of the most unbalanced and toxic things I’ve ever seen. I played for almost 5 hours on and off today, and out of all my games, there were maybe 3 games that the killers DIDN’T camp the hooked survivors.
With the new ranking system, Killers practically get rewarded for camping their hooks, while the survivors get stomped on for not being able to save one of their teammates. There are literally some killers, like the cannibal, hillbilly, or even Mikey who can insta down multiple people at a time just for trying to do their part as a survivor and save whoever is on the hook.
I am honestly just so sick and tired of killers getting NO penalties for camping thusly ending the game in minutes, and it only gets worse the lower in rank you progress.

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