Here’s how you can get Fortnite on the PS3

I’ve really been enjoying this game. It is fairly addictive and I tend to lose track of time when playing. The character I’ve been playing now for about 15 hours doesn’t have much in terms of defense, items, storage, or overall completeness – which indicates there may be much more of the game that still is left to explore/discover. That is exciting!

There are a few questionable UI/UX choices that I feel are un-intuitive. A few bugs I’ve come across as well. The biggest gripe for me at this writing is the performance. Having a late model core i5 chip and GTX 1060 should mean 60FPS with close to full visual settings on most games. Fortnite is struggling to maintain 40 under these circumstances. I’ve set everything to low – and the FPS is now locked at 60 (FPS ceiling enforced).

Please optimize the game to run more smoothly. Here is the youtube clip I was talking about: fortnite ps3

SImply put the game is extremely grindy. This may or may not be a bad thing for you, but personally being someone who has liked and played some really grindy games (RuneScape for example) I really didn’t like how this game does it. It just felt like everything was a chore, having to constantly mine resources to do anything – and then more resources just to keep the tools working so you can mine resources…. this is what everything seemed like to me in the hour an a half I played. Didn’t really feel like I was accomplishing much.

The game is beautiful but the gameplay certainly isn’t going to be captivating for everyone. I refunded it because I didn’t like it, it may be worth trying for a couple of hours to see if it interests you especially if the game is on sale (as it is at the time of writing).

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