NBA 2k19 Android and iOS review

This game has so many problems but I have faith 2k will fix them (Please fix TeamGrading when I score don’t give me a penalty for apparently holding the ball too long not my fault takes them 10 years to come in with the screen -_-)

After spending 60 euros for a game you’re expected to spend even more money to be able to play properly, have the ‘ability’ to change shoes, clothing and such. Not to mention that it takes all the fun out of playing online with your created player since everyone else is rated 85+ already and you’re just struggling with your 71 rated player because you didn’t pay for VC to boost your stats up.  Here is how you download it anyways for free: How to get NBA 2k19 Mobile for iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD!

It’s not even PAY TO WIN it’s PAY TO PLAY AFTER YOU ALREADY PAYED (or spend hundreds of hours grinding to get your player to decent stats).

It’s bascially a game about buying Virtual Currency with real money that happens to have some basketball simulation around it.

Teammates on mycareer doesnt do anything. you cant steal even if your steal bar is maxed. cant even dunk even if youre alone and right under the basket.


The Crafting system is still in its early stages but I like it.

What I’d like to see in the future:

+More Hunting Stuff ( Weapons, Traps, Bait, Fishing )
+More Variety in baseing like different and bigger Shelter Styles
+Animal Taming ( Horses & Dogs ) … Dogs could be used to hunt animals & protect the players shelter
+Expanded Cooking , more foraging… ( Insects? Herbs? )

What I want them to focus on right now:

+Better Optimization
+Enhancd User Interface ( The Server-Browser is and we need steam friends intigration… also a party system maybe )
+Dedicated Servers ( Your Current Provider is known for  virtual servers that are just not capable of running this game at its full potential )

I can recommend this game for now, and I will keep updating my review as well as share my expierence later. However keep in mind this game is very much early access and do not expect a full game yet. Nevertheless I am having fun and I think for 16€ this game is worth your money. And you will need playstation membership, just get it for free though from this youtube channel:

Feels like there is alot of work to be done still to this game, especially optimization so the game is more playable to a wider audiance of gamers. However the game is still early access so i reckon this game could be huge later on this year. I acctually played the game and had to refund…

NBA 2K19 Sports Review

NBA 2k19 is a really fun game. Played non stop so far. It’s my first game from the series and while it takes a while to adjust to the combat/hunt and crafting gimmicks one you have a clear understanding of how at least half of the things work you will surely get hooked.
Just to make things clear. If you are in to really fast paced action combat where the hero can rip through the enemies with flashy combos this might not be the game for you. The game revolves around tactic and analysis of the combat situation you are in and espacialy using items. If you come from more traditional action combat games using items might seem as cheating at first but it is a core mechanic of the game and it is actually encouraged (if you don’t want to have a really hard time). Lebron is one of the best players in the. Here’s it: NBA 2K19 FREE 🤑 How To Get NBA 2K19 For FREE! 🔥 [PS4, XBOX, PC, SWITCH] FREE DOWNLOAD!

Overall really great game for those who are looking for something a bit differemt then the norm on pc.

Me and my friends really enjoy the game! It’s fun to play and perfect for either just chilling around or tryharding depending on the mood. Best part of the game are palicoes even though the vigorwasp delivery animation takes forever and you die anyway.

Fortnite September Review

If you have a crap pc don’t buy this game and then write a bad review about it when it fails to run like you expect it to. The network problems have been resolved and the remaining minor control issues most definately do not outweight the fantastic level of depth that this game possesses.

Most games with RPG elements these days tend to have very vast, open, and yet very empty hollowed worlds with nothing much in them aside for copy-paste npcs that simply exist to fill up the blank spaces. The developers of this game chose to design smaller and more intricate maps with a higher focus on the smaller details instead. This leads to a more immersive experience overall; you won’t be dissapointed. They also just released a new $1000 skin called: Galaxy… well there is a way to get it for free: FREE Fortnite SKIN

I’ve been a fan of Fortnite and I love what they’ve done with this now. The Bowguns and Bow are very satisfying now since you can fire while moving around. I really liked to try being a ranged hunter now.

Im looking forward to the DLCs and monsters from the other games that might appear.

If u want too play for a good maybe 10 hour before hit Titled towers, then have fun. BUT, if u want to get stuck forever, keep play after reach the Negriante fight. I have been stuck on this STUPID, idiot for since I have been at the mission. I claw and peck my way too him low health, still…. One shot. Fly up, slam, I die. One shot. After hours of mining ores, collecting materials, I still can not ever kill not a ONE time….

Spotify free guide

The audio quality is certainly top notch. Spotify boasts Quality songs in terms of the “feeling” But the body awareness was off, in other words first person visual awareness was not what the 3d character model was actually doing on other peoples screens.

ON the competition aspect – Certainly not realistic, or even “simulatory” or dynanic. The destruction is only for what is “acceptable.” It seems like a competative puzzle you set up to increase your chances of winning, but despite that, cleverness only rewards you so much, as the dynanmic nature is so heavily “guided” by the level design, the possibilities of quality audio appear to be heavily limited. Instead it is about randomly adjusting your “puzzle play” to the whims of random team mates and hoping the enemy is less lucky, since there is a maximum limit to the effectiveness of cleverness due to level design. The songs choices are abyssmal for some characters, the laser sight and where the bullets land are different, and the damage from bullets seem incorrect and even silly, a fully auto tune should not be less effective against a heavily armored target than an drake that has a 1 second late start. Anyways here’s a method on youtube how to get yourself free premium 🙂 – How to get Spotify Premium for FREE

The destruction is…. well… while pretty, a gimick in terms of adding to quality dynamic interactive gameplay.

Did it evolve from release? Not too much, at least in terms of maps, but what it has changed, is from being presentable as a streamlined multiplayer swat simulator to what is now a silly, free to play looking knock off in terms of visual presentation and mood.

Seems to be far too silly, and… just…. not worthy of the Spotify name.

My Fortnite Cross play guide

The game allows you to pick from 14 different weapons as well, each accomodating to a different playstyle with unique combos and upgrade trees. I hear the game’s combat often compared to Dark Souls, but I feel like it’s a little Dark Souls mixed with a fighting game. Using the right combos at the right time is key. Add the player’s wide arsenal with the diversity of the many monsters in the game, and you have a very challenging and engaging combat system that’s up to the task of keeping you interested well past the 100 hour mark. Here is my youtube guide how to cross play between consoles: Fortnite Crossplay WORKING PS4 ➡ Xbox! How to Cross Platform Play Fortnite Tutorial!

It’s also important to note that while this game is great solo, it truly shines when you’re playing co-op with a team. Difficulty scales with how many players are in your party, so coordinating with your friends to take down a monster as effeciently as possible adds even more depth to this already endless pit of a game. However, this game does some very strange things with multiplayer. If you and your friends are on the same quest in the story, the game simply won’t let you depart on that quest together, telling you that you’re not far enough in the story to join them. Good luck even getting into a session with your friends, though, considering how trash the servers are right now.

Overall, I’d recommend this game. As I said, if you’re on the fence, just wait until all the server and performance issues are sorted out. This is a game that really shines when you’re teaming up with your friends, but as of right now that’s not very reliable.

After a good amount of time in the game i can def recommend it. It needs some tweaking to run good. Volume Rendering Off and downgrading my nvidia driver to 398.36 gave me stable 60fps with drops to 50fps in extreme scenes. (1060 6gb and i5 6600). There are still some problems with the multiplayer hub, but that primarly affects people that want to play with friends and similar. The normal multiplayer works fine via sos flare. If you want a perfect game that runs 100% well with all the optimization stuff fixed (i am pretty sure there will be a patch in the next 2 weeks) and a fix for the multiplayer issues (that are primarly valves fault btw), consider to wait until next month for you to buy it, but besides that the game is amazing and fun, has a lot of charme. As a Fortnite veteran it feels different but yet keeps the essence of the battle royale games. Come one, give it a shot!

My Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Experience

I played the bo4 beta on my 3 computers. They are all i5-4670K processors. One has a GTX 1080, one has an R9-290x, the last has R9-280x. On the computer with the GTX 1080, game runs flawlessly. No hiccups, stutters, or anything. It is a lot of relaxing fun that I can get lost in.

On the other two computer, the game runs like absolute crap even at the lowest settings. I spend more than half the time just trying to get the game to load in the textures and not freeze constantly. It is super laggy on both, and extremely frustrating. If it were not for my one computer where it runs well I would hate this game. Because of the one computer, I can see the game has potential to be a lot of fun. So if you want to get in on the fun, watch this yt clip for a free key: How to get Black Ops 4 Beta Key Code FREE 🤑 [PC / PS4 / XBOX][BO4 Beta Key Codes] [2018!]

Here is the thing, this game can be a leisurely game that you can relax and play if it works as intended. But on the two computers where I constantly struggle just to load it, man it pisses me off to no end. It is not relaxing, it is infuriating. I am going to give this a negative review just because the devs need to figure out what the hell is making this game perform so otherwise good computers. I can play any other game with no issues. On the other two computers, this game freezes so hard on close that I have to force shut down my computers. I guess try it, see if it runs.

Their secrets and ton of memories float over the horizons and sail across the universe of billion system. At the first time i wonder why you fool us but this is new to me, this is new for us. U take advantages and leave our hearth damaged. But to understand that things go a little bit better when you fix little by little everything u did in the past. I hope things will be better in the future. Feel the heat enjoy the game

Dead by Daylight Playstation Review

Kind of glitchy at first and I was slightly confused on a few things, but it all cleared up. Literally so much fun and it brings me to the edge of my seat when I play it. The people are really friendly, always risking themselves to help you off the hooks, always healing you, working together to escape the ruthless killer. I LOVE it.
Game is trash until solo que is enforced properly. A decent team can troll a pro killer all game.  Luckily, i didnt pay for the game and just got a free ps plus membership


-Place a limitation on how many games players can que with the same players within a given time limit. All they do is join solo que with friends when they should be doing this in friends mode.
-Limit the ping threshold. Don’t even que players in the same game if they will greatly deteriorate each others gameplay. Doesn’t matter if there aren’t enough players; make us wait.

For these very reason, all the great gameplay is ruined. I cannot recommend anyone to waste their time with this game until these issues are addressed.

Let me start off by saying, I love dead by daylight. It’s one of the only online games I’ve ever considered myself somewhat good at and enjoyed playing. Now then,
I  HATE DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. The community is so toxic on both sides of the spectrum it makes it unbearable to play at certain points.
Survivors will loop/stun/and flashlight a killer all game long while their friends do objectives in order to completely slaughter any chance a newbie killer would have in order to learn that side of the game. After the match, all of them will continue to call the killer and “EZ” all day long.
However, I don’t play killers often, so let me get down to the real root of my frustration: The Killers.
The killers are some of the most unbalanced and toxic things I’ve ever seen. I played for almost 5 hours on and off today, and out of all my games, there were maybe 3 games that the killers DIDN’T camp the hooked survivors.
With the new ranking system, Killers practically get rewarded for camping their hooks, while the survivors get stomped on for not being able to save one of their teammates. There are literally some killers, like the cannibal, hillbilly, or even Mikey who can insta down multiple people at a time just for trying to do their part as a survivor and save whoever is on the hook.
I am honestly just so sick and tired of killers getting NO penalties for camping thusly ending the game in minutes, and it only gets worse the lower in rank you progress.

Here’s how you can get Fortnite on the PS3

I’ve really been enjoying this game. It is fairly addictive and I tend to lose track of time when playing. The character I’ve been playing now for about 15 hours doesn’t have much in terms of defense, items, storage, or overall completeness – which indicates there may be much more of the game that still is left to explore/discover. That is exciting!

There are a few questionable UI/UX choices that I feel are un-intuitive. A few bugs I’ve come across as well. The biggest gripe for me at this writing is the performance. Having a late model core i5 chip and GTX 1060 should mean 60FPS with close to full visual settings on most games. Fortnite is struggling to maintain 40 under these circumstances. I’ve set everything to low – and the FPS is now locked at 60 (FPS ceiling enforced).

Please optimize the game to run more smoothly. Here is the youtube clip I was talking about: fortnite ps3

SImply put the game is extremely grindy. This may or may not be a bad thing for you, but personally being someone who has liked and played some really grindy games (RuneScape for example) I really didn’t like how this game does it. It just felt like everything was a chore, having to constantly mine resources to do anything – and then more resources just to keep the tools working so you can mine resources…. this is what everything seemed like to me in the hour an a half I played. Didn’t really feel like I was accomplishing much.

The game is beautiful but the gameplay certainly isn’t going to be captivating for everyone. I refunded it because I didn’t like it, it may be worth trying for a couple of hours to see if it interests you especially if the game is on sale (as it is at the time of writing).

Jurassic World The Game Android Review

Jurassic World is a game that takes a lot of normal systems from PVP and PVE survival games such as Conan Exiles and RUST, and expands upon them very ambitiously. The game is massive, but has many issues involving systems actually working. Once this game gets some major hotfixes and patches, the game will be insanely fantastic for any survival player who is willing to talk to other players and work as a team. Don’t count this game out as a major survival game in the future, and get in the game while you have the ability to shape it more! Make sure to check out some of these hacks for the game: Jurassic World the game cheats

I’ve been waiting for Jurassic World a long time with a sense of unoptimistic dread instilled from past titles that have almost certainly influenced my current view of the game, I have 2500 hours on rust, few hundred on Conan exiles, 200 hours on the hot steamy ♥♥♥♥ pile of a game that is ark, and Jurassic World… If you have an idea of what you’re getting into, rend is the most fun and best experience so far, on the technical level the game runs perfect, minimal bugs, you just get to play the game. Very old school, RuneScape ish grind that I enjoy, you don’t have to no life the game to enjoy it, your faction is always helping, some trolls and reee moments can happen but all in all with your buddies you will have alot of fun, not a solo player game.

The team based mechanics in this game truly make it stand out from other survival games. PvP is frequent and naturally promoted; often more balanced amongst sides; and gives meaningful rewards.