Should you play SimCity BuildIt?

So I never review games … EVER. I just play and stalk the reviews and update pages but I had to review this game. I felt compelled to give my 2 cents even though it probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The only other AC game I played was the first one which was on console.


    • Amazing Graphics even with Radeon RX480
    • Open world map IS AMAZING
    • Loved battling mythical creatures
    • Free-running/Parkour felt very smooth (sometimes buggy though)
    • Sailing the open seas and battling other ships is a ton of fun
    • Storyline was engaging and definitely felt the feels at points
    • There’s so much to do even after completing the main storyline
    • Combat system is very fluid and every battle felt unique in its own way
    • Provided a lot of historical places and topics to research to enhance the richness of the environment and really to showe
      how much detail was put into the game (I love history and this was a nice touch)
    • Tons of gear to mix and match
    • I felt the leveling system was fair
    • Love the amount of customization you had for your character in terms of gear and stats (perks) and ytou can also get free simeleons if you follow this youtube guide:  SimCity BuildIt Hack & Cheats


  • Often felt overwhelmed with the amount of places to explore
  • Several bugs made certain aspects of the game frustrating to play
  • Health regen during battles felt way underpowered especially when the enemies hit like TRUCKS

iOS 12 Jailbreak

So I had to share this because it just showed up in my youtube news feed….

Someone has managed to jailbreak the new iOS! I literally can’t believe it, so many people were saying Apple patched Jailbreaking devices… Well apparently not, here’s the free guide:

It’s so simple, you literally just watch the video go the website and it shows you what iOS you are on. Once you have done that you can simply connect it your device, it will then download cydia.

Now you do have to do like a verification process type thing, and this how the website makes money to support the coding. OSJailbreak is the real deal though, it works and its free. I got it on my iOS 12.1 and Cydia is still working perfectly!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this guide and make sure to watch here: How to Jailbreak iOS 12

Anyways im out 🙂

My Diablo Immortal Mobile Review

I am having a lot of fun with this game, but theres just so much garbage to sift through to find anything redeemable about it. If you pay more than say 30 bucks for it though you might find yourself regretting it.
First off, Blizzard like almost every major company DOES. NOT. CARE. ABOUT. PC. USERS. This failure of a PC port is pretty solid evidence of that.
Crashes every hour on the hour; incompatible control schemes for some vehicles; loads of out of boundry clip areas, horrible kmb situations force you to switch to controller in some areas; the aiming itself is god ♥♥♥♥ awful if you try and free aim; vehicle inconsistency will have you pulling out your hair; the ambient ai throughout the game is purely a nuisance and theres no god damn reason Blizzard should have programmed it that way. Oh it goes on for a little more, but whats the point. Anyways here is how you get it for free: Diablo Immortal for iOS and Android

This game actually has a pretty short single player which I find unusual since you have to spend a good chunk of the day downloading this game. The online experience is complete trash unless you spend time messing around friends. I would recommend purely playing the single player just for the story. You will be spending quite a bit of time grinding in the online portion. The characters themselves really have no flavor to them. This is where this game took a nosedive compared to its predecessors. I actually loathed the main characters in this game. The pacing of playthrough is simply switching back and forth between characters and setting up missions. It culminates to this mess of a few hours of time killing on this small island in the middle of nowhere. Basically you sink a bunch of cash for a few hours.
The online aspect of the game is more toxic than a nuclear fallout zone. Blizzard does not moderate in the slightest. Cheaters with menu mods run this game; no questions asked. I know a few new guys who pretty much gave up on this game because a combination of the update items/vehicles and the cheaters make it damn near impossible for new players to get solid footing. Griefers, cheaters, exploiters. This is the face of Diablo and the developers do not care.

Pick this game up on a good sale because its not worth it otherwise.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – My Favorite game of 2018!

My favorite Red Dead Redemption game is odyssey and I played them all, they put in a heavy rpg system to this game and it’s well balanced, for those complaining about the grind are those who fast travel every where as much as possible and get screwed later in the game because they skipped to many xp oppertunities. the side quest are not as boring as some people say they are, the quest actually get outragously funny. Example, you help this guy retrive his sword and shield and by doing so you have sex with a old black smith ( I picked kassandra) and kill a thief who later you find out is his mom and you dont find out about the family connection until the end of the quest where the guy then ripps his eyes out because you banged his dad lmao. story is great and they use a lot of factual knowledge and archietech. this game wasn’t rushed, this team knows wtf they are doing and made a game fast and it’s good. Now here is how you get rdr2 for free: rdr2 free

Story 9/10 it’s a huge game and can get a little confusing as to what you’re supposed to be doing out of all the things you can do

combat 10/10 very fluid unlike the other games.

graphics 9/10 it could use some opt but it still runs and looks really really good my 1050 ti gets 80fps on 1080 with high settings

replay value 8/10 there is so much content into this game I’m not sure if I would do everything over again but I might.

buy the game if you’re a fan of the series

PS they have the sparta kick like the movie =)