Should you play SimCity BuildIt?

So I never review games … EVER. I just play and stalk the reviews and update pages but I had to review this game. I felt compelled to give my 2 cents even though it probably won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The only other AC game I played was the first one which was on console.


    • Amazing Graphics even with Radeon RX480
    • Open world map IS AMAZING
    • Loved battling mythical creatures
    • Free-running/Parkour felt very smooth (sometimes buggy though)
    • Sailing the open seas and battling other ships is a ton of fun
    • Storyline was engaging and definitely felt the feels at points
    • There’s so much to do even after completing the main storyline
    • Combat system is very fluid and every battle felt unique in its own way
    • Provided a lot of historical places and topics to research to enhance the richness of the environment and really to showe
      how much detail was put into the game (I love history and this was a nice touch)
    • Tons of gear to mix and match
    • I felt the leveling system was fair
    • Love the amount of customization you had for your character in terms of gear and stats (perks) and ytou can also get free simeleons if you follow this youtube guide:  SimCity BuildIt Hack & Cheats


  • Often felt overwhelmed with the amount of places to explore
  • Several bugs made certain aspects of the game frustrating to play
  • Health regen during battles felt way underpowered especially when the enemies hit like TRUCKS

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