iOS 12 Jailbreak

So I had to share this because it just showed up in my youtube news feed….

Someone has managed to jailbreak the new iOS! I literally can’t believe it, so many people were saying Apple patched Jailbreaking devices… Well apparently not, here’s the free guide:

It’s so simple, you literally just watch the video go the website and it shows you what iOS you are on. Once you have done that you can simply connect it your device, it will then download cydia.

Now you do have to do like a verification process type thing, and this how the website makes money to support the coding. OSJailbreak is the real deal though, it works and its free. I got it on my iOS 12.1 and Cydia is still working perfectly!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this guide and make sure to watch here: How to Jailbreak iOS 12

Anyways im out 🙂

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