Red Dead Redemption 2 – My Favorite game of 2018!

My favorite Red Dead Redemption game is odyssey and I played them all, they put in a heavy rpg system to this game and it’s well balanced, for those complaining about the grind are those who fast travel every where as much as possible and get screwed later in the game because they skipped to many xp oppertunities. the side quest are not as boring as some people say they are, the quest actually get outragously funny. Example, you help this guy retrive his sword and shield and by doing so you have sex with a old black smith ( I picked kassandra) and kill a thief who later you find out is his mom and you dont find out about the family connection until the end of the quest where the guy then ripps his eyes out because you banged his dad lmao. story is great and they use a lot of factual knowledge and archietech. this game wasn’t rushed, this team knows wtf they are doing and made a game fast and it’s good. Now here is how you get rdr2 for free: rdr2 free

Story 9/10 it’s a huge game and can get a little confusing as to what you’re supposed to be doing out of all the things you can do

combat 10/10 very fluid unlike the other games.

graphics 9/10 it could use some opt but it still runs and looks really really good my 1050 ti gets 80fps on 1080 with high settings

replay value 8/10 there is so much content into this game I’m not sure if I would do everything over again but I might.

buy the game if you’re a fan of the series

PS they have the sparta kick like the movie =)

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