Assassin’s Creed Odyssey the Best in the Series?

Best in the trilogy .

I mean it has a great story in my point of view , i loved the other 2 . They were awesome as well ,although they didn’t have the crafting option like this one. I mean Origins¬† had quite the craftsmenship but not like this one . also the game offers more puzzles and collectibles ,more side missions , and a most important thing that you want in a game is an adventure .The graphics are more sharp and lighting was beautiful.

Optimization for low rig PC is bad ,you have to play on the lowest ,otherwise it lags . blood effects were bad ,waaayyyyybad ,when arrows or bullets or melee kills were happening the effect was like free MP games .
I enjoyed this so much in a long time. Many developers are welcoming more battle royal or MP games but a good SP with a decent story is good enough . I did actually get the game for free:¬†Assassin’s Creed Odyssey free

The controls feel like a huge backwards step from AC: Origins I can’t count how many times I died because of some sluggish controls, especially when climbing and jumping to a different wall/ledge/whatever. Also, it’s buggy at the moment. I found the story quite interesting and if you take your time and take a look at the world, it isn’t really too short (at least playtime wise). The game has some great ideas (merchants, stealth options, etc) but fails in my opinion to properly use them. What I really liked was the depth of the difficulty levels. I can adjust it to my liking, without having to compromise.

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