Fifa 19 Ultimate Team Review

If you love simulators then you’re in the right place.

Fifa 18- Running Simulator
Fifa 19 – Rain simulator

The game it self is awesome, textures, sound and ambient feels really good compared to other soccer games. Still has a lot of potential to become one of *MY* all time FIFA game.

Minor cons-
-sometimes it rains to much
-not being able to take down the AI on hard mode.
-The flying robot camera that appear out of know where

Things that could be included-
-implement a means of changing coaches
-taking thread out of clothing
-roaming AI???

Overall Brilliant game to play with your mates if you feel like having a chilled night with a couple of beers. Definitely worth a purchase if you’re a soccer fan. Really can’t go past the Ultimate team either on FiFA 19. Now how did I get my hands on a early copy? Easy….. This Youtube clip explains it: FIFA 19 Code


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