It GTA Still worth playing in 2018?

Very good game, great story. Hours upon hours of gameplay. Your choices affect the world around you which I love! You can make just about anything work. The Co-Op aspect was fantastic. Ive done 1 complete playthrough with a friend and have 2 other playthroughs going with 2 other friends. Definetly recommend for both Singeplayer or with friends.

Grand theft Auto is fun to play solo or with a group (much better if it’s your normal sqaud). I played the free weekend and would continue playing if I got the full game free. Very well done!
The game play is smooth and seemed seemless. My load times were about 30 secs to a miunute between multiplayer missions which are acceptable. Fast travel over large distances seemed to take a little longer loadtime than I liked.
I enjoyed being able to display 5.11 on my gear.
Overall fun and a good balance.
It is also available on Android and iOS and heres my review of that version: Great game if you have wanted a more realistic just cause then this is the perfect game, driving is a little wierd and can be anoying at times but good for the most part, from the time ive played unlocking weapons seem to take a long time so if you like a game that can be a little ”Grindy” this will be good. Oh and you should get gta 5 for your mobile on youtube: gta 5 apk download

Overall Good game, beautiful graphics (on high and above anything low looks like a ps3 game) and alot of playtime to complete 100% and a big map to explore, you can also either go guns blazing or stealthy

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