FIFA 19 – The Ultimate iOS and Android Review

Single-Player = Good, Multiplayer = Bad

If you play Single-Player gamemodes this game is good, better than FIFA 18, ofc has some issues at start, but I like it. MyCareer looks better, now you level up faster, haircuts are free, neighbourhood is more comfortable compared to previous one, plot is much better and it’s not that cringe. MyLeague / Season / Play Now – Gameplay is better than it was in 18, but it’s very hard to defend CPU (playing at All-Star) and that’s the only problem here.

However, if you are buying this game to play Multiplayer gamemodes – I don’t recommend it, because of cheaters, lags and etc.  I would just get the game for free like from this yt channel here

It’s the easiest way to get yourself the fifa 19 android download for free! Working too. Highly recommend 🙂 You should subscribe too:

Sometimes it can be clunky, unresponsive controls. 5 minutes of scenes and jabbering to play less than 5 minutes of basketball. Horribly slow progression not much better than Battleground 2 at launch.

It’s unbeliavable that an online’s game doesn’t have any anticheaters system, online is full of bug too, this is not basket.
Balls stolen repeatedly without committing fouls, passages intercepted simply over the arms any archetype becomes the best goalkeeper, if someone jump on you, you’re going to lose ball instead of being fouled, but I was tried to uninstall when I saw a player receive ball at the height of the bezel free throws, I saw him make a pump fake and start in third time towards the basket without ball handling.


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