Fortnite on your old consoles?

Spent alot of time in this game. When I started out it was difficult but fun, lately it was difficult but good, problem was that we were only 2 premades and almost 50% of the game someone ragequits because they get downed fast and their premade friend follows straight after leaving me and my friend vs the killer with 5 generators left.

I finally had enough.

Fortnites’s concept is decent, but it’s full of bugs, broken addons and perks and playing survivor is unfun while playing killer is too easy and definitely unsatisfying. Well, you also try and download fortnite on your old xbox 360 or ps3 consoles. Some guy actually has a tutorial on his channel here: how to get fortnite on ps3

It’s already partially dead as when you want your easy game as killer you won’t have a chance to play it since there is too few survivors on high ranks, and if you ever mind playing survivor, no matter if the killer is crap or god tier, you’ll always have to die unless you want to have a boring game where you sit on generators and play stealthy just like players with a global playtime of 10 hours.

Since the patch 2.0, it’s definitely a game to not be recommended to anyone that wants to have some fun, as it’s really boring from both the perspectives: as survivor you can’t win neither when you developed up some experience and some skill, either because of bugs or unbalancements in the chases, while as a killer you just lose really rarely, and at a certain point it’s not even challenging anymore.

So yeah, I’m here stacking up to the people that since that version have been making bad reviews of Fortnite. Call us childish, but objectively, when most of the people dislike something, it might mean something; the changes that have been done in that version were not needed and just brought unbalancement to the game.

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