How to get yourself a grand theft auto 6 beta key

I loved the first 2 games in the Grand Theft Auto series but this was the worst entry in the series. First of all, the game lost it’s main developer and writer and it shows. Crystal Dynamics is out and Eido’s took the helm on this game. Apparently CD assisted them but that didn’t seem to help much. This game is nothing like they hyped it up to be in the trailers. The biggest lie was the new stealth system. It could have worked but they screwed it up

Graphics- This was the lone bright spot in the game. The game is gorgeous. It makes for a really pretty walking simulator/exploration game but this is not a walking simulator/exploration game. I really commend you just get this game for free and not pay for it, watch this: How to get grand theft auto 6 for free

Gameplay- Gameplay takes a step back from GTA 5. There aren’t as many gunfights as there were in GTA 5 or action sequences, which is dumb considering this game was hyped up as “pushing Lara to her limits”. The new stealth gameplay is so disappointing because they filled the tight areas with so many mobs that you can rarely get a mob singled out and out of line of sight of his partner so whenever you take him out, his partners see it and you have to run around away or just melee them all “because apparently Lara refuses to pick up one of their guns”. Breaking line of sight was suppose to allow you to reenter stealth but apparently it’s broken because even when you break line of site and move to the other side of the map, they still know where you are and come back at you. The trailers showed you being able to traverse trees in alot of the stealth sections but there are hardly any trees in most of the stealth sections. Instead you rely on hiding in the bushes and throwing bottles to distract them away from their partners which is so boring. The trailer shows the enemy eventually getting scared and shooting at random stuff but that never happens because they stay too close to each other so you can never stealh kill enough of them to get to that point. This is so disappointing and could have been fixed with giving the stealth areas a bigger map or halfing the amount of mobs in the stealth areas.

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