NBA 2k19 Android and iOS review

This game has so many problems but I have faith 2k will fix them (Please fix TeamGrading when I score don’t give me a penalty for apparently holding the ball too long not my fault takes them 10 years to come in with the screen -_-)

After spending 60 euros for a game you’re expected to spend even more money to be able to play properly, have the ‘ability’ to change shoes, clothing and such. Not to mention that it takes all the fun out of playing online with your created player since everyone else is rated 85+ already and you’re just struggling with your 71 rated player because you didn’t pay for VC to boost your stats up.  Here is how you download it anyways for free: How to get NBA 2k19 Mobile for iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD!

It’s not even PAY TO WIN it’s PAY TO PLAY AFTER YOU ALREADY PAYED (or spend hundreds of hours grinding to get your player to decent stats).

It’s bascially a game about buying Virtual Currency with real money that happens to have some basketball simulation around it.

Teammates on mycareer doesnt do anything. you cant steal even if your steal bar is maxed. cant even dunk even if youre alone and right under the basket.

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