The Crafting system is still in its early stages but I like it.

What I’d like to see in the future:

+More Hunting Stuff ( Weapons, Traps, Bait, Fishing )
+More Variety in baseing like different and bigger Shelter Styles
+Animal Taming ( Horses & Dogs ) … Dogs could be used to hunt animals & protect the players shelter
+Expanded Cooking , more foraging… ( Insects? Herbs? )

What I want them to focus on right now:

+Better Optimization
+Enhancd User Interface ( The Server-Browser is and we need steam friends intigration… also a party system maybe )
+Dedicated Servers ( Your Current Provider is known for  virtual servers that are just not capable of running this game at its full potential )

I can recommend this game for now, and I will keep updating my review as well as share my expierence later. However keep in mind this game is very much early access and do not expect a full game yet. Nevertheless I am having fun and I think for 16€ this game is worth your money. And you will need playstation membership, just get it for free though from this youtube channel:

Feels like there is alot of work to be done still to this game, especially optimization so the game is more playable to a wider audiance of gamers. However the game is still early access so i reckon this game could be huge later on this year. I acctually played the game and had to refund…

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