Fortnite September Review

If you have a crap pc don’t buy this game and then write a bad review about it when it fails to run like you expect it to. The network problems have been resolved and the remaining minor control issues most definately do not outweight the fantastic level of depth that this game possesses.

Most games with RPG elements these days tend to have very vast, open, and yet very empty hollowed worlds with nothing much in them aside for copy-paste npcs that simply exist to fill up the blank spaces. The developers of this game chose to design smaller and more intricate maps with a higher focus on the smaller details instead. This leads to a more immersive experience overall; you won’t be dissapointed. They also just released a new $1000 skin called: Galaxy… well there is a way to get it for free: FREE Fortnite SKIN

I’ve been a fan of Fortnite and I love what they’ve done with this now. The Bowguns and Bow are very satisfying now since you can fire while moving around. I really liked to try being a ranged hunter now.

Im looking forward to the DLCs and monsters from the other games that might appear.

If u want too play for a good maybe 10 hour before hit Titled towers, then have fun. BUT, if u want to get stuck forever, keep play after reach the Negriante fight. I have been stuck on this STUPID, idiot for since I have been at the mission. I claw and peck my way too him low health, still…. One shot. Fly up, slam, I die. One shot. After hours of mining ores, collecting materials, I still can not ever kill not a ONE time….

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