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The audio quality is certainly top notch. Spotify boasts Quality songs in terms of the “feeling” But the body awareness was off, in other words first person visual awareness was not what the 3d character model was actually doing on other peoples screens.

ON the competition aspect – Certainly not realistic, or even “simulatory” or dynanic. The destruction is only for what is “acceptable.” It seems like a competative puzzle you set up to increase your chances of winning, but despite that, cleverness only rewards you so much, as the dynanmic nature is so heavily “guided” by the level design, the possibilities of quality audio appear to be heavily limited. Instead it is about randomly adjusting your “puzzle play” to the whims of random team mates and hoping the enemy is less lucky, since there is a maximum limit to the effectiveness of cleverness due to level design. The songs choices are abyssmal for some characters, the laser sight and where the bullets land are different, and the damage from bullets seem incorrect and even silly, a fully auto tune should not be less effective against a heavily armored target than an drake that has a 1 second late start. Anyways here’s a method on youtube how to get yourself free premium 🙂 – How to get Spotify Premium for FREE

The destruction is…. well… while pretty, a gimick in terms of adding to quality dynamic interactive gameplay.

Did it evolve from release? Not too much, at least in terms of maps, but what it has changed, is from being presentable as a streamlined multiplayer swat simulator to what is now a silly, free to play looking knock off in terms of visual presentation and mood.

Seems to be far too silly, and… just…. not worthy of the Spotify name.

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